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Mother's Day by the Lake

This Sunday evening we will be gathering at the clubhouse in Plantation Lakes at 6:15pm. This space should be a little more accommodating than last week! I know many of you will be hanging out with your mother. That is totally cool. We are officially pro-moms at Doxa. If you don't have anything going on, bring mom by!

In fact, in celebration of Mother's Day lets all bring an appetizer and/or dessert. One of the characteristics of the early disciples was that they ate their meals together. We will put that into practice this week.

We will also be talking about what the Gospel is and why it is such good news. The news of what Jesus did for us is not only good, but it is powerful. It is not only how we become Christians, but it is how we grow as Christians. 

We look forward to seeing you there!



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