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Planting, Not Building

We are planting a church. I know, I win the "Captain Obvious" award for that statement. That's sort of the reason why a couple of handfuls of us are gathering on Sunday evenings in a rec center. But think about that phrase for a moment. Words are important. We aren't "starting" a church. Jesus already did that when He rose to the right hand of the Father and poured out His Holy Spirit on Pentecost. We aren't "building" a church. That's a job that Jesus reserved for Himself in Matthew 16:18 and Psalm 127:1. We are "planting" a church. That implies a radically different role for us.

A farmer really has very little control in planting and harvesting. They don't invent the seed. They don't produce the seed on their own. It is the fruit of a mature plant. They cannot micromanage the sprouting of the seed. That is a hidden process beneath the surface of the soil. There are a myriad of factors that come into play in trying to reap a harvest: heat, freezing weather, rain, insects, birds, weeds, etc., none of which the farmer has complete control over. That is what Paul was saying when he talked about how he may have planted the gospel in Corinth and someone else watered, but it was God who caused the growth.

Every day in this process of planting a church, I am acutely aware of that fact. There is a lot of work to be done. It will require time and hard work. It will require more hands to share the burden. It will require machinery. But unless the Almighty Creator God does His secret work below the surface and blows His breath of life on what we have planted, nothing will happen. That is why prayer is so important. We must pray that God would move in our midst, that He would draw more people to join our team, and that He would draw those that do not know Him to Himself.

To that end, I suggest we dedicate each Tuesday to prayer fasting that God will do His secret work in the midst of Doxa. You can fast a meal, a type of food, whatever you like. But let us ask God to pour Himself out on us for the work that we are undertaking. We will also begin meeting on the fourth Tuesday evening of each month to pray together that God will show Himself mighty along the Grand Strand.

Jesus started the church and He is building His church. He has designed it that way in order that He gets all the glory. We simply get to enjoy being a part of the winning team and watch it all unfold.

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