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Doxa Church exists to make disciples who joyfully worship Jesus with their whole lives.




The whole universe was created by, through and for Jesus. We were created to glorify Him and enjoy Him forever. The good news about the perfect life, substitutionary death and victorious resurrection of Jesus Christ on our behalf is the message of the gospel. As such, we desire to be a people who are radically focused on proclaiming, celebrating and enjoying who Jesus is and what He has done for us.


To worship means to be devoted to an object of esteem. We are all worshipers. We all find something or someone that is of highest value to us and we build our lives around it. To find Jesus is to find that which is truly of ultimate value. The only possible way to respond is to make our entire lives acts of worship that declare His beauty and glory.


The purpose of God, since the beginning of time, has been to create a community of people with Himself at the center, a family. There is no concept in the Bible of Christianity apart from a deep sharing of each other's lives. In fact, it is only by the truth of the gospel and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit that sinful humans can truly live together in the kind of selfless love, authenticity and lasting intimacy for which we all long.


When we are brought into the family of God, we are also brought into the mission of our Father. We join our Older Brother, Jesus, in His mission to save for Himself a people from every nation, tribe and tongue. We are to follow His example. Just as He left the glories of Heaven to come to Earth as a cross-cultural missionary, we are to forego a life of comfort and ease and leverage our influence and resources to spread the gospel both in our community and around the world.



To plant a church in every community and a community group in every neighborhood in the Grand Strand area.